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Nature Is Our Playground

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The 7day recreationalist mission to inspire all people to “search for active pursuits to strengthen the body, satisfy the mind and nourish the soul” continues to play through our store product line. In our gallery, Nature Is Our Playground, scenic images of places to play, incite daydreams of adventures past or adventures still to come. The old cliché, a picture is worth a thousand words, rings true, our art speaks volumes about life and nature. In our 7day Clothing And Stuff section, hats, shirts and stickers reminds us and encourages others that a life of 7day recreation, provides a healthy balance, “For Your Head, Heart and Soul.”

The Nature Is Our Playground Gallery features American artist John Johnson. John has created a series of original, limited edition, hand printed, woodcut block prints. John has drawn inspiration from the places he loves to play and from a lifetime as a 7day recreationalist. He has captured the majesty of the mountains as well as the quiet, mystical serenity of a first snow. John’s images draw us in to the scene and at the same time, they push us out to play.

7day Clothing And Stuff is where we spread a little attitude. Our logo, like our name was conceived during a bike ride many years ago. The suns represent the 7 days of the week, beneath which the natural world from sea to sky, surf to mountaintop represents our playground. We believe in self -propelled sports and treading lightly, respecting mother nature and sharing our playground with others who respect it. Wear it and spread it loudly and proudly, 7day recreationalist, For Your Head, Heart and Soul.